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PRO Dog Program

I​​​​​​n our training classes at The Dogworks, we train using our own exclusive PRO Dog Program written by The DW Team with real life in mind. This program offers dog owners a varied schedule of activities and knowledge to work their way through at 4 levels, starting with Puppy at Level 1.

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Level 1 - Puppy School £80 (6 weeks)

Start off on the right paw, learning age-appropriate behaviours in a fun, relaxed environment, designed to introduce your puppy to basic skills that will set the foundations for later learning. During the 6 week course we’ll focus on getting your pup’s attention, sit, down, stay, and polite greetings. We tackle common problem puppy behaviours like jumping, nipping and mouthing, and begin work on loose-leash walking and coming when called. We'll also give your puppy some playtime when they can learn those valuable social skills needed to grow into a well rounded adult dog.
​Includes weekly handouts and a free Puppy Gift Pack.

Level 2 - High School £105 (8 weeks)

This 8 week beginners class is designed to help you and your dog learn and practice basic training like sit, come, down, etc. We’ll focus special attention on good manners like not jumping up and walking nicely on the lead. You will learn all the basics for getting – and keeping your dog’s attention, even in distracting environments. We incorporate games and challenges to help make obedience less of a chore and much more fun. This class is an essential must-do for all dog owners and is suitable for all ages, (and dogs are never too old to get their brains and bodies working!) Part of the course also includes some theory where you will learn a lot about your relationship with your dog and how dogs learn.
This class is open to all dogs six months and up regardless of whether they've had any previous training.

Level 3 - College £105 (8 weeks)

This is a more advanced course which builds further on the skills learned in Level 2. During the 8 week course we'll cover new and more advanced behaviours using games to build focus and training techniques such as shaping as well as learning the basics of scent work and clicker training. Some of the behaviours covered include more advanced obedience work such as send away, STOP at a distance, out of sight stays, multiple recalls, fun obstacles, scent work, distance control and more.
In order to attend College, dogs must have attended and passed Level 2 or similar or consent of instructor.

Level 4 - University £105 (8 weeks)

This is our highest accolade when it comes to dog training classes! In this course everything you have learned is put to the test in real life settings. We take the classes out on the road and put all the different behaviours learned throughout the previous 3 Levels to the test in different locations as well as building on them using different training techniques to learn new ones. When it comes to training, there's no point in learning it all if you can't do it in real life situations!
Candidates must have completed and passed Levels 2 and 3 or equivalent with instructor's consent

"Karen is a truly amazing dog trainer. Her knowledge is vast and covers not just behaviour but also nutrition. The two of which are often linked but overlooked. Having just re-homed a new dog Karen’s support and advice has been invaluable."

Richard, Sascha & Rudi

Why Train at The Dogworks?

Experienced, professional dog trainers

Science-based, dog- and people-friendly methods

Real-life results

Speaking of results, what good are they in the classroom if you can’t replicate them at home and out in the world? Our curriculum sets you up to enjoy a well-behaved dog in every day real life.
We don’t just love dogs—we understand how they tick. Our instructors are highly certified dog trainers with many years’ experience and a commitment to ongoing education in our field.
In an unregulated industry we use only the most up-to-date, humane, dog- and human-friendly training methods to ensure a good time is had by all while achieving excellent performance results.