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Walk & Train

Life too busy to attend classes with your dog? Is their behaviour at home or out on walks causing you hurt, upset or embarrassment?
Let us get the training started for you and then teach you how to maintain it at home! 

If you have a busy schedule or need help, beyond group classes, implementing basic obedience and impulse control (including loose leash walking), we can help!   

Our unique training walks allow one of our professional trainers to help your dog learn the skills they need in the environment where they live. Our trainers will discuss with you what your goals and challenges are and work out a step by step plan to achieve these goals. Training walks are offered in packages to save you money as well as ensuring the consistency needed for your dog to learn.

All our bespoke Walk & Train Programs include:

  • a tailor made training plan for you and your family to follow at home
  • weekly report card  
  • Online access to all of The Dogworks' Training Resources
  • Membership to our exclusive online Training Group

Our Walk & Train Programs are suitable for dogs who need basic obedience training for issues like jumping up, walking nicely on the leash, coming when called, etc. Lessons are provided in your home and at carefully chosen outside locations.

These lessons are NOT appropriate for dogs who:
  • are fearful or reactive to people/dogs
  • have bitten a person/dog
  • are potentially experiencing separation anxiety
  • are guarding space, food, toys, or people

If your dog is experiencing any of these issues, please get in touch about our in home training packages